Breakout Session – Intel

Intel’s MEIO Continuous Improvement Journey







Intel designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. With the drive of additional benefits from inventory optimization, Intel focused on improving the measurement of forecast accuracy to better align their inventory strategy to demand uncertainties and enable better insight into the millions of available data points. Intel also piloted the application of control charts to key MEIO inputs to identify anomalies that require a second look before running MEIO. By transforming forecast accuracy measurement and through the application of control charts, Intel has minimized the “garbage in” and gained additional value from their optimized inventory plan.

Learn how Intel leverages coefficient of variation COV efficacy, control charts and inventory optimization to:

  • • Reduce inventory while improving service levels
  • • Appropriately qualify and weigh data within the historic samples
  • • Automate data collection to run MEIO weekly, cutting the process from a month to a matter of hours

Speakers: Brian Wieland & Toby Norwood

WielandHeadShot4Bio: Brian has spent many of his 14 years at Intel developing and improving statistically optimized inventory strategies for Intel’s core line of computing products. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Washington and an MBA in Technology Management from UC Davis. His work and publications in multi-echelon inventory optimization earned him an invitation to speak to the Sloan School of Management at MIT. He is now working on advanced statistical forecasting methods and corresponding analytics.


Bio: Over the last 2 years of his Intel career, Toby has focused on the stabilization and expansion of statistically optimized inventory strategies for Intel’s customer-facing stages. His current focus is on developing and applying inventory strategies for upstream stages within Intel’s supply chain. Prior to his supply chain focus, Toby supported Intel’s Assembly/Test Development as an Industrial Engineer. Toby has a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science degrees in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University.