Breakout Session – Starbucks

Logility Demand Planning @ Starbucks








Starbucks connects with millions of customers every day throughout their more than 21,000 retail stores in 66 countries. In an effort to improve their supply chain performance, the company initiated a demand driven initiative.

Learn how Starbucks leverages advanced Logility Voyager Solutions:

  • • Utilize exception based alerts to focus planners and drive supply chain performance
  • • Take advantage of external arrays to display specific information and to extend value
  • • Forecast at a very granular level, having developed a pyramid within pyramid structure

Speakers: Justin McGonigal, Systems and Process Lead for Demand Planning & Yumiko King, Business Systems Development

Bio: Justin McGonigal is the Systems and Process lead for Demand Planning at Starbucks Coffee Corporation and has 8 years experience in demand planning, replenishment and customer based forecasting. Justin has been with Starbucks for 2 years and previously worked in CPG supply chains with 2 other companies. He has experience in multiple forecasting applications and ERP systems.

Bio: Yumiko King is a systems analyst at Starbucks Coffee Corporation with extensive experience with supply chain systems and retail order management solutions. During her 17 year tenure with the company, she has worked as an analyst for a variety of business units including retails operations, business intelligence and supply chains.