Adrian Vickery

Adrian Vickery

S&OP Manager

Adrian R Vickery is the S&OP Manager at AdvancePierre Foods, where he has worked for the last four years implementing a robust Sales and Operations Planning process across the company. Adrian holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Louisiana State University, and is also a Professional Engineer. His career includes experience in the automotive and plastics industries, Kenner and Hasbro Toy companies, confectionary candy, and now value-added frozen protein and sandwich products.

Connections Session:
2016 DP/IP/RP Implementation – Lessons Learned

AdvancePierre Foods is a nationally recognized supplier, with more than 3000 SKUs, of value-added proteins and sandwich products to foodservice, retail, schools and convenience channels across the United States. AdvancePierre Foods turned to Logility to meet the needs of its complex customer base through its network of 10 plants, three national distribution centers, and myriad overflow distribution centers while allowing certain key customers to also direct-ship selected products directly from its plants.

Learn how AdvancePierre Foods uses Logility Voyager Solutions™ to:

  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Reduce safety stock inventory
  • Gain visibility of volume at the customer level