Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson

Executive Director, Strategy, Analytics and Systems,

Global Supply Chain

Anne G. Robinson is the Executive Director of Global Supply Chain Strategy, Analytics and Systems, at Verizon, a Fortune 15 company and leading provider of wireless, fiber-optic and global internet networks and services. She is responsible for the overarching strategic vision across Verizon’s end-to-end supply chain which includes the wireless consumer supply chain, network supply chain, video and internet supply chain as well as global sourcing and procurement. Additionally, her team drives supply chain excellence through world class data-analytics, process innovation, and employee empowerment to achieve a holistic, collaborative and customer centric supply chain organization, that results in improved product life cycle management, working capital optimization, and shareholder value.

Prior to joining Verizon Wireless, Anne spent several years with Cisco Systems, a high tech networking company, where her responsibilities included managing advanced analytics, business intelligence, and performance management teams across the supply chain. As the driving force for many foundational and cross-functional process innovations, she helped establish Cisco’s presence and recognition as a leader in business intelligence and analytics, including being inducted into the balanced scorecard hall of fame.

Anne is originally from St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. She has a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Mathematics from Acadia University, a Master of Applied Science in Management Science from University of Waterloo and a Masters and PhD in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University.

Anne is a Past President of INFORMS (the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences), a professional organization focused on applying advanced analytical theory and practice for making better business decisions. She is a popular industry speaker and has served on several advisory boards including the advisory board for the Stevens Institute of Technology Masters Of Science in Business Intelligence & Analytics. A constant champion for analytics, Anne is the founding editor of INFORMS Editor’s Cut, an online multimedia collection examining important topics in operation research and analytics. A frequent tweeter, you can follow Dr. Robinson @agrobins.

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