David Hovey

David Hovey

Director Supply Chain

David began his role in the Hostess Brands comeback story in September of 2013 only six weeks after return to market, and has been through it all from launching the first Distribution Center to implementing Logility Voyager Solutions and maturing the planning process as Hostess moves into new channels and markets.  He brings nearly eight years of Supply Chain experience in the areas of Production and Capacity Planning, Inventory Management, Demand Planning, Team Building, Planning System design, KPI Implementation, and Continuous Improvement.

Connections Session:
The Twinkies Story: Forecasting for Iconic Products that Rose from the Ashes

In four short months, Hostess Brands revamped its supply chain planning to respond to the relaunch of iconic brands following product withdrawal. In 2013, we placed nearly 100 million snack cakes back on the shelves, including Twinkies, CupCakes and Donettes. This was despite the challenges associated with forecasting demand for products with little data and fast changing environments. Faced with short shelf life CPGs, Hostess Brands required a uniquely fast-paced supply chain to service our customers. In this session I will share how to create a planning platform to support explosive growth. We will reveal how we adapted to fast moving environmental changes to effectively gauge and meet consumer demand, and how to speed up S&OP processes to keep pace with short shelf life CPGs.

You will learn:

  • How centralized network planning improves speed with regard to achievement of best practices, decision making and adapting to environmental changes
  • How network simplification (fewer distribution points and one-location production) leads to consistency and efficient inventory management
  • How top talent, tools and a process-driven culture speed up transition time in continuous improvement or transformative environments