Gian Leocata

Gian Leocata

Inventory Optimization Manager

Gian Leocata is the Inventory Optimization Manager at Sensient Colors. He joined the company in 2012 and has held various supply chain roles in both the USA and Canada. He led the team that in 2015 designed and implemented Logility Voyager Solutions DP/IO/RP in the US based headquarters and continues to oversee the global rollout process across the company. He is responsible for coordinating the global inventory planning, management and replenishment processes, as well as standardizing forecasting, sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes and inventory management policies across the different market segments within Sensient Colors.

Connections Session:
Visibility: A Key Ingredient to Inventory Optimization

Part of Sensient Technologies (SXT), Sensient Colors is a leading global manufacturer of colors and provides natural and synthetic color solutions to most of the trusted brands around the globe in different market segments like food and beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, specialty inks and industrial applications. Sensient Colors has customers in more than 150 countries and revenues surpassing $500 million. As customer needs and vendor lead times became more demanding, high inventory and safety stock levels became the standard way to address these complexities. In order to develop a better forecast and optimize its inventory, Sensient Colors turned to Logility.

Learn how Sensient Colors uses Logility Voyager Solutions™ to:

  • Gain visibility across its supply chain network to optimize inventory
  • Monetize time and identify points for improvement
  • Engage with customers in a different way