Matt Davis

Matt Davis

Managing Vice President

Matt directs the customer centricity and demand management, digital demand and omnichannel, analytics and business acumen, and sustainability research streams. He also leads research coverage on right brain supply chain and digital supply chain, specializing in beyond the horizon supply chain thinking, and is the brains behind our Power of the Profession Awards.

By combining insights from the 20,000+ practitioners in the SCM World community with in-depth quantitative and qualitative research, he facilitates accelerated learning of the foundational and cutting-edge best practices in his specialist areas.

Prior to joining SCM World, Matt was a Research Director at Gartner and the lead analyst for supply chain strategy, digital innovation and segmentation. He has practical experience designing and implementing supply chain strategy in several cross-functional roles at Dell including logistics, demand management, sales operations and customer service.

Matt is a Six Sigma black belt, a lean change agent and SCOR model expert. He spent six years as a board member for the Supply Chain Council where he helped to drive SCOR strategy and development. He has a supply chain degree from Penn State University and an MBA from the University of Texas. He currently assists in Penn State’s development of the future workforce by serving as a Faculty Affiliate. Matt is based in New York.

Connections Session:
The Winning Playbook

2017 will be a time of unprecedented uncertainty. Supply chain executives must plan for a world that is becoming exponentially more digital and potentially less global. The winners will be those that not only have the best playbook but, perhaps more importantly, those who use their playbook coordinate their teams to execute in the face of disruptions. In this session, Matt Davis, SVP Research at SCM World, will share the combined insights from SCM World’s 5th annual Future of Supply Chain study and from case studies from leaders who are demonstrating a path forward. With over 1,000 responses every year for five years running, the Future of Supply Chain research is the premier source of insight on sustainability, talent, risk and innovation. Matt will present an overview of the most pressing issues for 2017 & 2018 with several best practices as primer for you to build your own winning supply chain playbook.